Jamaican Food

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Jamaican Food

Jerk Chicken

Catering and Delivery

Jamaican Food | Tropical Diner West

At Tropical Diner West, we serve only the highest quality authentic Jamaican food, including the best jerk chicken in Houston, TX!

Jerk Chicken | Tropical Diner West

Jerk chicken is often one of the first Jamaican dishes that people try. This traditional Jamaican dish is so delicious and so popular...

Catering and Delivery | Tropical Diner West

In addition to our dine-in menu, we also offer catering and delivery to individuals and businesses in Houston, TX. An afternoon or a night out...

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Welcome to Tropical Diner West

“We Got It Good!”

At Tropical Diner West, you can experience all of the flavors and spices of authentic Jamaican cuisine right here in Houston, TX!

Jamaican food is popular all over the world for its bold flavors and its mix of cooking techniques and ingredients, derived from the various ethnic groups who have inhabited the island, including those from Africa, Spain, Britain, India, and China. These different influences, combined with the produce that is native to Jamaica, come together to create a unique and exciting cuisine!

At Tropical Diner West, you will find only real Jamaican food, no imitations. From our ingredients to our cooking techniques, we use only the real things, and only the best of them. Whether you try an individual dish, or opt for our buffet, you will not be disappointed!

We pride ourselves on customer service, and we want to make sure that you not only come again, but that you recommend our restaurant to others. If something is not the way you want it, let us know. We want to make sure your dining experience is as pleasant as possible.

We serve great food in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. You will feel at home in our restaurant, and your server will make sure you are satisfied. From appetizers and beverages to entrees and desserts, we will make sure your meal is perfect. We also serve Caribbean Food!

We are the ideal destination for a group lunch or an evening out, but if you want to stay in for the evening, you can still enjoy our food. In addition to our dine-in services, we also offer take-out, delivery, and catering. We take the same care with these services that you will receive in our dining room. Consider us for your next party, or your next evening at home. When it comes to Jamaican food, “We Got It Good!”

Dine-in or order out from Tropical Diner West today, for a taste of the Caribbean, and the best jerk chicken in Houston, TX!