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Jerk Chicken - The Best Taste!

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Jerk chicken is often one of the first Jamaican dishes that people try. This traditional Jamaican dish is so delicious and so popular that it deserves its own page. At Tropical Diner West, we have the best jerk chicken you will find in Houston, TX! All of our food is excellent, but this dish is extra special.

If you have never tried jerk chicken, you may be wondering what it is. Even if you have tried it, but are not familiar with Jamaican cooking techniques, you might be curious about how it is prepared. Here is some background information on this dish.

The word “jerk” refers to three different things: the spice rub (Jamaican jerk spice) that is applied to the meat, the sauce (jerk sauce), and the method of cooking.

The most important ingredients in jerk seasoning are allspice (which is called “pimento” in Jamaica) and scotch bonnet peppers. Other ingredients included in the seasoning are thyme, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and garlic.

The jerk cooking technique originally involved cooking over pit fires, but jerk is now usually cooked either over charcoal or in a wood-burning oven. These modern cooking methods are more convenient, and still retain the rich, smoky flavor associated with jerk dishes.

Jerk sauce is believed to have originated in Africa, and to have been adapted when enslaved people were brought to Jamaica and had to use the ingredients they found there. The most notable change was the addition of scotch bonnet peppers, which give Jamaican jerk sauce its intense heat.

Although jerk cooking can be applied to many types of meat such as lamb, pork, beef, goat and seafood, jerk chicken is the most common dish. When we say that our jerk chicken is the best in town, we are not exaggerating! Many loyal customers will tell you the same. Come to Tropical Diner West to find out for yourself and try the best jerk chicken in Houston, TX!

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